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We are an online mortgage broker and finance provider

The Lendr. platform has been developed with speed and efficiency in mind!

We understand the importance of getting a mortgage accepted quickly and efficiently in the fast paced property market. Here at Lendr, we are here to help you find a mortgage that suits you.

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Looking at buying a new home but struggling to sell yours?

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Bridging Finance - a short term loan secured against Property or Land.

Lendr. is able to make lending decisions quickly and release funds in a matter of days, preventing you from missing out on time-critical opportunities that come your way.

Anti-Gazump Loans
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Due to the tightening and risk appetite of mainstream lenders, the availability of private lending is growing every year!

The willingness of existing/new lenders coming to the market has made bridging rates more affordable than ever before.

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Bridging Finance
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Private Short Term Mortgage
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Our Company Ethos


Responsible Lending

We believe in ethical and responsible lending which delivers fair returns to our lending partners whilst allowing Manx borrowers access to loan capital at attractive rates.


Humanistic Approach

As banks have become increasingly ‘generic’ in terms of their criteria for granting loans, it is becoming noticeably more difficult for borrowers who don’t meet the criteria - We at Lendr. take a humanistic approach.

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